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ucode Search Service

The information obtained by performing ucode resolution is the information that is associated with a ucode by the ucode issuer (owner). In contrast, the issued ucode can be embedded in a content such as a blog, etc. and collected by search engine. However, it may take several hours to several weeks before the search engine complete collecting the articles and content of the blog.


In this case, information associated with the ucode can be searched by cross-searching various search database including ucode resolution, which is called ucode Search Service.


Suppose a ucode is issued and a blog that contains the ucode is created (→ Refer to the tutorial.) In this case, the search engine automatically collects the articles of the blog and creates an index to associate the ucode with the article.


In ucode Search Service, ucode is inquired to the search engine in addition to ucode resolution server, and the information that contains the ucode is collected. That is, in ucode Search Service, the article of the blog collected and associated by the search engine is found as the search result (Figure 1).


Figure 1: ucode Search mechanism using a blog and search engine

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Home > Learning about ucode > ucode Search Service


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