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Ubiquitous ID Center

What is Ubiquitous ID Center?


Ubiquitous ID Center establishes and popularizes the core technology for automatically identifying “physical objects” and “places” and to work toward the ultimate objective of realizing a ubiquitous computing environment.



The activities of Ubiquitous ID Center include:

  1. Building an ID system of ucodes, which are assigned to “physical objects” and “places”
  2. Establishing the infrastructure technology for using ucodes
      -ucode tag: Data carrier devices to store ucodes (RFID, Smart cards, Active chips, etc.)

      -Ubiquitous Communicator: Terminal that obtains ucodes from ucode tags and provides users with the ucode-related information and services

      -Establishing the information-communication infrastructure technology that retrieves the ucode-related information

  3. Establishing the infrastructure technology for secure wide-area distribution systems for ucodes and information associated with ucodes
  4. Allocating ucode spaces
  5. Running the ucode Resolution database
  6. Running the eTRON authentication authority for secure communication

Organization and System

Ubiquitous ID Center operates within TRON Forum (http://www.tron.org/).
Its activities are mainly conducted by A- and e-members of TRON Forum.

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